Healthcare Security Services

“Protecting people, property, information, and reputations.”

Our role at Diamond Security Services is to make sure conditions are normal in any given area and provide a visible deterrent factor. This function takes on greater importance at night by providing a feeling of safety for staff, patients, and visitors.

An especially important function of our Healthcare Security services is our rapid response to security emergencies within the hospital. Whether for psychiatric or medical reasons, patients sometimes become violent or threaten medical or nursing staff. Residents should never put themselves or other staff at risk in these situations but should immediately call for Security Officers’ assistance in subduing or restraining such patients. Health care security officers give directions to hospital patients and visitors. They may also help people into and out of their cars, or assist them with dead car batteries. Security Officers spend a good deal of their time enforcing the rules and regulations of the hospital, which is one of the primary responsibilities.

Hospital Security Officers are charged with protecting:

  • people
  • property
  • information
  • reputation

A typical day at the hospital for a Security Officer will include:

Post/patrol duty:

providing protection, assistance, and control
monitoring activity in and around an assigned area
being alert for suspicious activity
enforcing access to the property and regulating removal of equipment
patrolling the hospital and reporting findings

Information reporting:

gathering, compiling, recording, and reporting information
reporting security or safety hazards
treating all information as confidential and respecting everyone’s right to privacy

Situation response:

responding appropriately to routine and emergency situations in a timely manner
evaluating a situation and taking appropriate steps to resolve it in a professional manner
using only necessary force, as appropriate to the situation
providing traffic control, when necessary
monitoring a given situation until completed
acting with restraint, not allowing emotions to dictate actions and/or reactions.
Our security officers are trained to comply with all HIPPA laws.

Security Services

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